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Demystifying Rilsan Rubber Rollers

With advancements in technology, the print industry has come a long way with new innovations cropping up with every passing year. 

As the industry continues its growth trajectory and demands for top-quality print products grow, there is an increasing need for offset printers to adapt to the latest trends and technologies.

This is where Rilsan Rollers are fast emerging as an indispensable solution for printing companies that prefer superior performance and durability over price.

In this blog post, let’s understand why Rilsan Rollers are becoming increasingly popular than conventional Rubber Rollers. 

What are Rilsan Rollers?

Rilsan is a high-performance polyamide polymer powder that is thermally fused to external surfaces to produce a tough protective layer that seamlessly resists physical wear and tear as well as chemical effects like corrosion.

Primarily used to extend the life and durability of various industrial equipment, Rilsan-coated Rollers are commonly used by leading printing machines manufacturers like Heidelberg, Roland, Goss, and Komori.

Since Rilsan Rollers are made from bio-based materials derived from organic sources like castor oil, they ensure a lower carbon footprint and a widely adopted in organisations’ sustainable production process.

Renowned for their excellent mechanical properties that include high resistance to wear and tear, abrasions, etc. Rilsan Rollers have an unparalleled tolerance to strong chemicals and extreme temperature variations commonly found in industrial printing processes.

Due to their exceptional resilience, Rilsan Rollers have become the go-to choice for printers looking to elevate their production capabilities and output qualities to the next level.

Advantages of Rilsan Rollers

1. Unmatched Durability

Rilsan Rollers display superior wear resistance and long-lasting durability that cohesively reduces the need for frequent Roller replacement and maintenance. This not only results in tangible cost savings but also minimises production downtime leading to enhanced operational productivity.

 2. Superior Chemical Tolerance

Rilsan Rollers offer high resistance to a vast range of chemicals found in solvents, inks, and cleaning agents which are commonly used in the printing industry. This superior resistance ensures consistent performance and minimal degradation of the Rollers over a long period of time.

3. Resistance to High Temperatures

Due to their unique structural integrity, Rilsan Rollers seamlessly maintain their shape and elasticity in extreme temperature conditions often found in high-volume printing environments. This versatility allows the Rollers to perform exceptionally well even in the toughest conditions. 

4. Easy Maintenance

Due to their smooth and glossy finish, Rilsan Rollers quickly repel dirt and pollutants commonly found in printing operations. These properties make maintaining Rilsan Rollers an easy and cost-effective task.

Use Cases of Rilsan Rollers

1. Offset Printing

Rilsan Rollers are especially well-suited for offset printing environments where their superior durability and chemical resistance ensure consistently high-quality print outputs.

2. Flexographic Printing

Due to Rilsan Rollers’ high resilience and adaptability, they often become a  great fit for Flexographic Printers by providing seamless ink transfer and the highest print quality on a variety of substrates.

3. Label Printing

Offering precise ink transfer capabilities, Rilsan Rollers are an excellent choice for label printing applications as they ensure sharp and vibrant images on diverse labelling materials.

4. Web Printing

The seamless ability of Rilsan Rollers to maintain consistent performance in high-speed web printing conditions makes them a popular choice for a wide range of web printers as well.

Stellar’s Rilsan Rollers – A Cut Above The Rest

As India’s leading manufacturer of a wide range of Rubber Rollers, Stellar is committed to providing top-quality Rilsan Rollers to meet the ever-growing demands of the printing industry.

Here is why leading printers choose Stellar’s Rilsan Rollers

1. Customised Solutions

At Stellar, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work as every printing operation has its unique requirements. Which is why, our expert team closely works with you to manufacture tailor-made Rilsan Rollers that accurately suit your exact needs.

2. Unmatched Quality

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities ensure that every Rilsan Roller that we produce meets the highest quality standards thereby guaranteeing you consistent performance and long durability.

3. Exceptional Customer Support

Across the printing industry, Stellar is renowned for its exceptional customer service and technical support that delivers optimal performance of our Rilsan Rollers in diverse printing operations.

4. Best-in-class Pricing

Our Rilsan Rollers are known for their best-in-class prices without any quality compromises making them a cost-effective and long-term solution for all your printing needs.

To learn how our Rilsan Rollers can take your printing to the next level, please visit or get in touch with us at

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